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July 07, 2008


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This inappropriate octopus reminds me of the Jonathan Coulton song "I Crush Everything"--do you know it? It is a funny but also weirdly moving soliloquy by a giant squid:

But I can't do that thing anymore!
I can't be the thing I was before
Because I crush everything, and I crush everything, and I crush everything . . .

and everything I want, I take
and everything I love, I break
and every night I lie awake . . .

(etc. "and the dolphins are all phonies/they seem nice enough at first/they pretend to be your friends until they see you at your worst . . .")

also: your comments about euphemisms reminds me of a friend's daughter who at 2 greeted me at the door by announcing that "POOPING ON THE DINNER TABLE IS A BAD DECISION."


This made me laugh until Robin demanded to know what was going on.

Macalester's favored euphemism is "problematic."

Susan McCarthy

I looked up the lyrics -- what a great song.

My body's strong, but my will is weak
I got pretty nice arms, but I hate my beak

An inappropriate octopus and a problematic squid definitely go together.

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