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November 08, 2008


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aw, sweet, the bubble-catcher!

i've always been drawn to pit bulls. there's something so appealing to me in their faces, as well as their dense solid bodies. i generally consider myself a cat person, so i'm not sure what the love of pit bulls is about; it's not just a punk-rock love of the underdog or antihero b/c i liked them even before i knew about all the baggage associated with them. i like the combo of that very doggy body (i don't like teeny dogs, because then why not get a cat?) and the mysteriousness of their wide-apart eyes. there's something soulful and self-confident and hard to know in their faces...and it just occured to me: sorta like a cat.

Monte's Mom

Yay Ross! Sweet, silly Ross. So glad to see you've experienced the goofy nature that IS a Pit Bull.

Susan McCarthy

Another nice thing about pit bulls is that they're warm. They're a "single-coated" dog, so there's less insulation there. This makes them warmer to the touch than a dog with a heavier coat, and also makes them more apt to snuggle to get warm themselves....

I'm going to try my dog (a shepherd mix) with bubbles, but I fear he's too serious-minded to go for it. Marjorie -- do your cats show any interest in chasing bubbles?

A wild grizzly bear was once spotted playing in a mountain lake, ducking its snout underwater to blow bubbles, then popping them with its claws.


I just love that you caught this moment with Ross, Susan. It's always interesting - and refreshing- to see the dogs through the eyes of someone who's exploring them like a brand new country. Thank you again for bringing a traveler's open mind, ready for new adventures, to your writing on the Vick dogs. They were definitely blessed by your attention to sweet details.

And Frodo? Braver by the day.


Susan McCarthy

Thanks, Donna -- it was lovely to do a story where the reporting involved hanging out with good dogs and good people....

Sumana Harihareswara

Susan, sorry for the belated comment, but this is a lovely post, and I appreciate your continued blogging. Thanks for making the world of nature come alive for me.

Susan McCarthy

Aw thanks, Sumana. Not everyone notices that dogs are part of the world of nature...

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