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September 02, 2009


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omg, spooning tree shrews. so cuuuuuuuute!

Scott Underwood

Why are people in museums compelled to read signs aloud? Or, similarly, announce aloud the very obvious thing they're looking at?

"Rhinocerous. Hey, Miriam, see that rhinocerous?"

Susan McCarthy

I don't know, but it's really true.

Maybe because museums and zoos are thought to be Educational For the Kids and we read to kids? Maybe because we are subconsciously resentful that we know so little about birds and beasts that we feel compelled to show that at least we can read? Maybe because we, hmmm, are filled with a vague desire to communicate when we behold these creatures, and we displace that into conversation with the exhibit by means of reading?

Got me.

David Gans

I don't think your mockery was mockerous enough. Prudish mammals.

Susan McCarthy

Not mockerous enough? But maybe it was my fault. Not everyone can do the "when a daddy and mommy treeshrew love each other very much..." conversation in public, and I was standing around in what may have been a visibly negative manner. How could they know that my dark thoughts had to do with inadequate signage?

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