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April 11, 2010


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This argument has persuaded me. Also, the art.

Susan McCarthy

Well then, let's party like it's the Jurassic.

Ken Y

This sounds like a perfect topic of discussion for an Atheist's Bible Study group, should you ever start one...

Susan McCarthy

So WAS Behemoth a brachiosaur?

Andrew Gunther


Where did all the dinosaurs go?
I wish they were still around.
Where did all the dinosaurs go?
The answer can't be found.

Although some theories do make sense,
Scientists don't agree
About what caused this mystery.
It's the dinosaur catastrophe.


Terry pterodactyl,
Bertha brontosaurus,
Trini the triceratops,
Stanley stegosaurus.

Tom tyrannosaurus,
He is carniVORous,
This song's lots of fun but
These are hard words for us/
Let's sing another chorus...


Susan McCarthy

That jpeg is... stunning.


Well done!


I've been looking for this song... I remember singing it as a kid in the early 80's

Susan McCarthy

It's seriously catchy.

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