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May 31, 2010


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Fred Wickham

That's a great story.

Susan McCarthy

Isn't it? I was amazed when I came across the book (used bookstore, Wellfleet, MA). Once Lampo was famous, but I had never heard a word about him before.


thank you for posting this wonderful story!


I read this book in elementary school and fell in love with Lampo. I've never forgotten his story.

I did forget his name, and it is only tonight that I found his name and story again. This book is def on my must have list, no matter how obscure.

Gillian Stewart

I bought Lampo the Travelling Dog many years ago and recently took it down from my bookshelves to read again. I remembered little of his story and at times I was moved to tears at the account of a stray dog which became famous for his courageous travels on trains and unerring ability to know the exact times of their arrivals and departures. It is written simply by Elvio Barlettani (and translated into English) who came to know and love Lampo better than anyone. It deserves a place in the annals of animal stories with others such as Greyfriars Bobby, Jimmy the Dog in My Life, Captain Loxley's Little Dog, Gelert, Just Nuisance and many others. My copy will not be consigned to a 2nd hand booksale but remain in its special place in my collection.

Susan McCarthy

I agree, Gillian. I'm hanging onto my copy.

Randeep Bagga

First of all, my paternal uncle told me about this amazing dog in 1982, when I was 11 years old, after reading the story in Reader's Digest. I also read the story in Reader's Digest and I never forgot it. I forgot his name but recently I searched for "The Dog Who Rode Trains" in google after reading a story about an American Hero Dog, Roselle and to my delight I found the story and remembered the name "Lampo". Really an amazing dog.

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