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June 13, 2010


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Fred Wickham

Didn't realize octopuses squirted ink. I wonder if they -- and squid -- can be inked like cows are milked. Put them up on a stand and pull at their tentacles until the little bucket you place underneath is filled. Get out there in the barn, Susan, and ink that squid.

Susan McCarthy

I can't even consider this until I know what an inkmaid's outfit looks like.

Sarah McCarthy

I, the sister in question was not only bitten (albeit unknowingly) by that sea turtle, but either THAT Garter Snake, or perhaps one of its progeny bit ME at that same lake about 5 years later.

Sarah McC

Susan McCarthy

It's a vendetta! It's a feud! It's a sprawling epic of titanic emotion bursting out of its bucolic confines! Or something!


not surprised that a toad-fortified snake could move a heavy slab of glass ...

Susan McCarthy

I wish I knew more about snake muscle power.

...Do you speak from experience? Are toads part of your personal strength-building regime?

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