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August 09, 2010


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Scott Underwood

I saw a small group of black skimmers by the Dumbarton Bridge a few years ago -- apparently they weren't in SF Bay until fairly recently.

I found a set of photos of baby toucans -- You could probably watch their beaks grow in real time: http://www.avesint.com/99Tocochix.html

Susan McCarthy

Those toucan pictures are fantastic -- thank you for finding them. You would not know those were going to be toucans at first. In fact you might not know they were going to be Earth life-forms.

I have yet to see skimmers in SF Bay, but I will keep looking.

Fred Wickham

Great videos. I wanted to see the trumpeter hornbill in its dungeon nest, but the video has been disabled. The skimmer video is amazing. Never stopped to think about how the bill of a chick has to be small enough to fit in the egg. Very interesting.

Susan McCarthy

Thanks, Fred.

I don't know why the embedding on the hornbill video was disabled. It wasn't before. When it tells me the embedding was disabled, it also shows me a line below that says you can watch it on YouTube. When I click on that, it goes to the video on YT.

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