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October 18, 2010


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Poor Tag. Perhaps you can get him a glowing sheep to herd?


Time is a thief. It seems impossible that Tag is old now, so much of our life is marked by that sort arc of a dogs. Give him a skritch from me.


a skritch from me too. lovely piece, sumac.

Judith Newman

This one slayed me.

Melissa Totten

Outstanding and full of generosity, Susan. Love this.


this is wonderful. xo.


lovely mournful piece. what is the story behind the sculpture shown in the endpiece photo?

Susan McCarthy

That sculpture is called The Wish Hounds. It's in Croft Wood, Swindon, Sussex. Lou Hamilton is the sculptor. There's some interesting information about it at:


When I put it up I didn't realize that Wish Hounds were scary creatures of Sussex legend. I thought of them as aspirational dogs, and I'll probably go on thinking of them that way.

Incidentally, if you mouse over most of the illustrations on this blog, text will come up. Sometimes it just says who took the photo and what the licensing is, and sometimes I feel compelled to add a snarky remark.

That'll make things a little less enigmatic, which may or may not be good....

Andrew Brown

Oh, Susan, what a lovely, sad, delicate piece.


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